There is a long history of Sailing on Alta Lake. Before Alpine Skiing became the main activity in Whistler in the  late 1960’s, Alta Lake was the main attraction.  Myrtle and Alex Philip, purchased  10 acres of land on Alta Lake in 1914 and established the Rainbow Lodge on the West Side of Alta Lake. Rainbow Lodge and other railway-dependent tourist resorts,  were collectively known as Alta Lake, they became part of British Columbia’s first Resort Municipality in 1975 . The lodge was primarily a summer destination, with boating, fishing and hiking among the most popular activities. Alex Philip can be seen in this video  sailing on Alta Lake in 1935, near the current location of WSA.

The Alta Lake Sailing Club
On May 1st 1966 the Alta Lake Sailing Club was formed.

ALSC Charter
Let it be known to all that on the first day of May, 1966 the Alta Lake Sailing Club was formed to bring together all those who would enjoy the prevailing southerly on Nature’s Jewel in the shadows of the great giants. Only a happy heart may sail in our Ranks-This being the foremost requirement. Competition shall be second to friendship brought about by a common bond.
Club commodore will be elected each September and will appoint able assistants and plan the activities of the following season. A master log of all activities shall be maintained and be passed on to his or her successor.  

WSA embraces the spirit of this Charter to this day! The Jelly Fish Sailboat Races were held regularly during the summer months with the Sabot Dinghies.

charter alsc

The Windsurfing Era
In the 1980’s Windsurfing became a very popular  activity during the summer in Whistler, when as many as 50 windsurfers raced weekly on the warm waters of Alta Lake