Volunteer Opportunities

2018 Volunteer Opportunities at WSA

Did you know, as WSA is non-profit we ask that all of our members volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per season to help with costs of running the club. 

Below is a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities. We ask that you RSVP to any events so we have a rough idea of how many people we need! Thank you for your continued support of community sailing!

  • WSA Boat Launch, April 29th 2018 – Strong arms appreciated!  Day includes launching the boats including coach boats and pirates.  Spring cleanup and cabin setup also appreciated!
  • IRONMAN July 29th 2018 – This year we are hosting the SUP/Kayak station that runs early morning during the swimming event on Alta Lake. Ironman will be providing 15 SUP’s and we will need to source 10-15 more SUP or Kayaks and their operators. This job is to provide safety and direction to the athletes. Volunteers need to be comfortable enough on their water craft to allow tired athletes to hang on when needing a rest. We expect to be done by 10 am on the day of the race. 
  • Whistler BC Circuit Regatta August 11-12th 2018  – This is a 2 day event that see’s over 100 athletes, parents and coaches travel to Whistler for a provincial regatta. There is a TON of volunteers required for this event! Jobs range from organizing athletes, directing traffic, preparing lunches and a dinner Saturday night to running safety boats and race committee. 
  • WSA Boat Haul Out, Date TBA – When the snow comes the boats need to go away for the winter! Help us clean up the club for the winter months, and put our boats to bed. Strong arms appreciated!